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In consideration of the fact that International Journal of Research and Discovery (IJRD) undertakes to publish my article:

1. I affirm that the material in the above article has not been previously published and that I (and my coauthors) own and have not transferred elsewhere any rights of this article mentioned below.

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3. I (and my coauthors) hereby assign and transfer all rights to publish of this article to IJRD, if any other organization or individual wish to republish then they need to seek permission either to IJRD or the author/co-authors of the article and they must put the reference of this publication when they cite this article in any research literature survey including without limitation all rights of reproduction, derivation, distribution, sale, and display of the work, in whole or in part, including recompilation, in any and all forms of media now or hereafter known, including digital media, as protected by the laws of the India and foreign countries. These rights will become the property of IJRD from the date of acceptance of the article for publication and extend for the life of the copyright. I understand that IJRD as copyright owner has authority to grant permission to reproduce the article.

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